Riviera of the Palms

Enjoy the crystal clear sea and sunshine in this corner of paradise

Riviera of the Palms

The Riviera

Hotel Del Golfo boasts a privileged position in the Riviera delle Palme, renowned for its beautiful landscapes and fantastic coastline. The hotel overlooks Di Selva beach and the beautiful Ligurian sea.

In the immediate surroundings are the marina and the promontory of Punta San Donato.

A walk along the promenade will take you to the village of Finale Ligure and Varigotti.

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Private beach

The Beach

At Hotel del Golfo, guests wishing to enjoy the sea and sun of this corner of paradise will have access to the beach.

The exclusive Selva sandy beach overlooks the gulf, is sunny and enjoys a favourable climate for many months of the year.

You can reach the beach via a subway located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel entrance.

The crystal-clear sea with a shallow sandy bottom allows everyone to bathe safely.